Well, so much has been going on here, I wanted to bring everyone up to date on our office’s exciting changes.

Most of you have already experienced the convenience of our new email/texting system for appointment reminders and general communication.  Please take full advantage of this easy electronic communication tool. We plan to stop phone call reminders since most people find this way so much simpler and less intrusive to their busy day. Please remember that it is mandatory to confirm and keep all appointments.
We have updated our computers and systems. Everything is the most modern and secure technology. Some of you have already experienced the iPad at your chair where you can see your xrays and multimedia educational programs to help understand your dental status and treatment options.
Please spend a moment to visit our new website at DRRANDYFREEDLINE.COM The site contains useful information, is fun and easy to use and forms that you might need are there in pdf. Form to print out.
We have made significant investments this year in new equipment to render better care than ever.     The great advances in implant dentistry have all been implemented here from replacing a single tooth to anchoring down a denture for enhanced comfort and function.     To make sure your smile is “pretty”, we are using the newest in whitening chemistry, bonding materials, computerized digital fabrication of incredible new ceramic restorations that are super accurate and beautiful     We updated our root canal equipment to make sure you receive the quickest and most painfree treatment anywhere!     Our digital xrays are more comfortable and accurate than ever before, with the lowest possible xray exposure.     Our non-surgical periodontal treatment program shows unbelievable results, unheard of years ago. Today, there is no reason to lose teeth to gum disease when you have your regular check ups and treatment if a problem is caught early. Don’t miss those cleanings!     We have been doing invisible braces for years, to everyone’s delight. It is great to fix your crooked smile invisibly. I am now using the invisible braces by ClearCorrect due to their technological advances over past systems. Look them up on our website or directly to theirs.
So as you can see, we have been very busy constantly training and updating to stay in the forefront of modern day dental care. We literally spend hundreds of hours behind the scene so that your experience here is the best in South Florida.
Be sure to tell your friends and family that aren’t lucky enough to be a patient here to give us a call!
For those of you fortunate to have Dental insurance, remember that all plans expire at the end of the year and unused benefits are lost forever. It is already summer, so call us to review your needs so that we have enough time to complete treatment while the insurance is available.

Dr. Freedline is now certified by the national American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to treat sleep apnea patients that find it difficult to use their CPAP. This is a life threatening condition. If you have been diagnosed as having apnea and are not using your CPAP EVERY NIGHT, please call our office and speak with Dr. Freedline.
As always, I want to thank all of you for your trust in allowing me the sincere privilege of caring for your oral health.
Enjoy the summer!
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